Combating Cyber Crime Menace in Nigeria

As the global concern for cyber crime is upbeat, the need for cyber security in the country against the backdrop of the identification of Nigeria as the weakest link in the battle against such crime is the thrust of this discourse.How many fraudulent unsolicited mails do you receive daily? While for some it’s just a few, for others, the mails come in torrents with some defying all logic. That the obvious reason behind these mails is a ploy to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians does not make it any better. Welcome to the world of scammers who have perfected their game in the battle to fleece people off their hard earned money. Is the issue just tied to monetary acts alone? Recent events have shown that the world of cyber crime goes beyond raiding the treasure chest of people through Yahoo zee moves as the cyber crime is called in Nigeria, but has crossed the line into real growing concern that has the propensity to impact negatively on a nation’s security base and economy.

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