Daily Wrap: .COM/.NET Trending Keywords; Istanbul gTLDs Go Live And Judge Gets It Wrong In .AFRICA

Dot Istanbul logoGlobal news items certainly impact on the trending keywords for .com and .net domains. For April Prince, Panama and Czechia both features in the .com list of trending keywords according to a post on the Verisign blog. But not so for .net.

The top trending keywords for .com in April were bot, guru, gram, prince, vibe, listings, rewards, panama, czechia and items. For .net they were loans, valley, prof, howto, guru, come, hotels, mobile, tshirt and fine.

The .ist and .istanbul gTLDs General Availability went live on 10 May and are available to anyone anywhere.

Available domains will be allocated on a “first-come, first-served” basis subject to the Registry Policies, ICANN requirements and the law and regulations of Turkey.

And according to a report in Domain Incite, the “ZA Central Registry has told the judge in DotConnectAfrica’s lawsuit against ICANN that the preliminary injunction he granted DCA recently was based on a misunderstanding.”

According to the report, ZACR claim the judge’s ruling was “predicated upon a key factual error”, and it is what Domain Incite has previously written about.

“The judge thinks DCA originally passed the Geographic Names Review of its Initial Evaluation for .africa, and that ICANN later failed it anyway.

“In fact, DCA never passed the GNR, and the document the judge cites in his ruling is actually ZACR’s Initial Evaluation report.”