Code of conduct principles incorporated in the .BE Registrar agreement

DNS BE logoDNS BE have announced the code of conduct for DNS BE registrars is no longer applicable. A number of vital terms and conditions from the code of conduct have indeed been incorporated in the latest version of the registrar agreement, that has been signed by all registrars.

This involves the following principles to be complied with by every registrar:

  • registrars registering domain names on behalf of their customers and not setting them up in their own name
  • registrars refraining from “warehousing” practices
  • registrars refraining from practices in which domain names are transferred to another holder without the correct procedure for doing so being followed (TRADE transaction).

So this is the logical end of the code of conduct and the procedures that go with it. As to the DomainEthix label it will no longer apply as from today, and all registrars are requested to stop using the label on their website and in their commercial correspondence. The DomainEthix website and the complaints procedure will no longer be accessible.

DNS BE also advise that to complain against a .BE registrar to refer to their website for more information.

This announcement is also available from the DNS BE website at