.CO Passes 600,000 Registrations

.CO Internet logoThe relaunch of .CO has proved to be a resounding success to date with the registry announcing they have passed the 600,000 active registrations mark as of 24 November.

The relaunch of .CO, the ccTLD for Colombia, took place earlier this year and it has been four months since registrations were available to the general public.

However the success of .CO has been overshadowed in recent days by the launch of the Russian Cyrillic domain .РФ (.RF – Russian Federation or Российская Федерация in Cyrillic) who are likely to pass the 600,000 registrations mark within three weeks of registrations being available to the general public. It should also be noted that registrations for .РФ are restricted for the first 12 months to Russian individuals and business.

America Registry logoTo register your .CO or .РФ domain names, check out America Registry here.