.CO Passes 600,000 Registrations With Big Goals

As the .CO ccTLD continues its impressive growth in registrations, the registrar .CO Internet has breathlessly claimed .CO is challenging .COM.Since July when registrations were available to all, over 600,000 .CO domain names have been registered with an impressive marketing campaign aimed at positioning the ccTLD as an alternative to .COM.While many are obviously viewing the relaunched ccTLD as an alternative, with around 90 million .COM domain names registered, it is a bit early for .CO to be considered a competitor to .COM. The registry is aiming “for a global audience and in three to five years we hope to have three to five million registrations,” Juan Diego Calle, chief executive of the .CO registry, told BBC News.Originally administered by the University of Andes in Colombia, it took ten years to relaunch the ccTLD with the goal of realising its commercial potential.A quarter of all revenue from .CO registrations received by the registry goes to the Colombian government. And 38 per cent of firms registering for a .CO domain are in the US, with 20 per cent in Europe, the majority of these from the UK, the BBC News reported.