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.CO Make It Ridiculously Easy” To Get A Domain And Website

POP CO logoEncouraging many small businesses in particular to get online has proven difficult. For those without an interest in technology, the idea of registering a domain name, building a website and all the considerations that go with it are sometimes too complex and/or too expensive. But the folks behind the .co top level domain, CO Internet, have sought to make it easier with their most recent product called Pop.co. Writing on their blog, Juan Diego Calle, CEO of CO Internet, describes it as “a ridiculously easy way to launch a business or idea online. In less than a minute, you get a custom web page and an email address powered by Google Apps – all on your very own .CO domain name.” POP.co is being built into an apps platform where a .co registrant signs up for bundles of services. The basic build being domain + email + website. Afterwards, with a click of a button, registrants can sign up for additional proprietary or third-party apps as their web operations evolve. Pop.co launched in beta mode on 12 August, is free for the first 15 days, no credit card required, and then for a subscription of $5 per month per email address. To get started, choose a .co domain name at pop.co, and if the domain chosen is unavailable, the website will suggest some alternatives, and then on you go. Also included is a Google Apps account. For new gTLD applicants, CO Internet wants to expands the Pop.co services to these too. CO Internet say they can also customise the POP platform specifically for new gTLD needs. “Just imagine, POP.law, POP.health, POP.music and more!” Calle writes. Click here for more information on Pop.co.