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.CN Takes Censorship One Step Further

China has taken its censorship of .CN websites a step further following CNNIC’s hiring of 600 temporary workers to check all .CN domain names for pornographic content and inaccurate records, says an IDG report.This will be quite an onerous task for 600 people given there are close to 14 million .CN domain names registered.CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center), the .CN registry, has “previously announced its cleanup of .CN domains, but the scale of its hiring is a reminder that the center must bow to directives from the country’s authoritarian government. While lax regulation in China has been partly blamed for malicious activity on .CN domains, the government’s crackdown has focused on porn more than Web security,” says the IDG report.”As with so many cleanups in China, there is a very legitimate crime-fighting and law enforcement side of this,” said Rebecca MacKinnon, a visiting fellow at Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy, in an e-mail to IDG. “But the flip side is that it also provides a very handy excuse to tighten controls on political and dissenting speech at the same time.”To read this IDG report in full, see: