.CM Launch Delayed by Official Cameroon Government Registry

Netcom.CM LogoThe .CM domain name registry announced this week a postponement of the public first come first served launch for the .CM domain name, originally due earlier this week.

Unrelated to the widely reported cable fault affecting Internet access in West Africa at present, the .CM registry have cited technical difficulties with their root name servers. The .CM registry have currently postponed the launch until further notice, although it’s anticipated to be re-scheduled to 00:00 UTC on Tuesday 4th August 2009.

“We are extremely pleased that the registry are dealing with the matter so thoroughly and have taken the sensible decision to postpone”, said Matt Mansell, CEO, Domainmonster.com. “The Landrush period is now closed and this is the final public open registration stage where domain buyers can secure their .CM domains on a first come first served basis. We’ve seen unusually high pre-order levels for Open Registration, so the postponement will give purchasers a little extra time”, continued Mansell.

Domain Monster are even plugging that many people who will arrive at a .CM website will mistype a .COM domain name. They say that due those typing in a web address are likely to account for one in six visitors to a web site, and with the “incredibly close spelling to .COM”, .CM domains are likely to benefit. Brand owners and consumers alike are keen to protect traffic that directly navigates to their site; traffic reputed to convert at twice that delivered via a search engine.