.CLUB To Open Names.Club To All TLDs

At Namescon next week .CLUB has announced they will be launching a big addition to their Names.club platform. Any domain name registrant will be able to list their domains for sale from any top level domain, including .com.

Domain names sold through the platform will be able to be paid for in 60 monthly Easy Payments which will help make in demand domain names more affordable, as we are confident paying monthly is an attractive way for businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs to build a brand on a great premium domain.

Domains offered at Names.club must be priced at $5,000 or more and must have standard renewal fees. All names accepted for listing at Names.club will be offered with 60-month Easy Payments (after a 15% down payment) with no interest and the ability to cancel any time, just like a magazine subscription. In addition, domains listed for sale on Names.club will also be listed for sale at a growing number of registrars such as Namecheap, who offer Easy Payments Powered by Names.club.

Names.club was launched 12 months ago at Namescon 2018 and features .CLUB names as well as names from other registries including GMO (.Shop), MMX (.Fit, .Wedding, .Miami and more), and Radix (.Online, .Tech, .Space and more). Now individual domain owners and domain portfolio owners can also list their names for aftermarket sale at Names.club. All premium names offered at Names.club will be available with 60-month Easy Payments (after down payment), making high value, brandable, and keyword domains more affordable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

How to list your domain for sale at Names.club

“Since its inception, Names.club has demonstrated that monthly payments are an attractive, affordable way for startups and entrepreneurs to build a great brand with a high value premium domain,” stated .CLUB CEO Colin Campbell. “Now we’re applying this philosophy to all domain extensions and all sellers of domains, from registries to individual domain investors,” Campbell continued.

The network of more than 100 domain brokers and affiliates with Names.club accounts will now be able to earn commission on all names sold by Names.club, including .COM names and all listed aftermarket names. The Easy Payment plan at Names.club minimizes the upfront expense for the buyer and maximizes their flexibility and opportunity to use a great, brandable domain. After a 15% deposit the remaining 85% is paid in 60 monthly installments, with no interest and no long-term obligation. For example, a name priced at $5,000 would be $750 down and $70.83 per month for 60-months.

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