.CLUB Releasing Over 9,000 Premium Domain Names

The .club registry is releasing around 9,200 premium domain names on 13 December at 10:00 Eastern US time, available through their registrar channel in their tiered premium offerings.

club-releases-9000-premium-domainsThe .club new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) is one of the most successful to have launched with 892,500 registrations and is the fifth largest by registration numbers.

These domains include names that were previously registered and others reserved by the registry and thus were not available through the regular registrar channel. The new names also include over 1,000 3-character .club names.

Some of the great new names to be released include:

  • watches.club
  • vino.club
  • ocean.club
  • elite.club
  • driving.club
  • comicbook.club
  • Chinese.club
  • gambling.club.

The tiered premium domains have suggested retail prices ranging from $100 to $10,000. Renewals on these and all other .club premium domains, at all price points, are at the standard registration fee.

The lists of NEW names and all tiered premium names at landrush.club.