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.CLUB Lucky Number Chinese Auction Now Live on eName

dotCLUB Superhero imageThe largest ever auction of .club domain names is now live on eName for Chinese bidders, the first .club auction the platform has hosted. A total of 62 names are in the auction, comprised of 32 names from the registry and 30 names from other sellers.

The domain names up for grabs are:

  • 1 Single number name:
  • 19 NN names
  • 12 Pinyin names
  • 30 LLL names (from other sellers).

All names except are offered with no reserve. As always with .CLUB premium names, all names in the auction have standard renewal fees.

.CLUB continues to experience strong premium name sales and recently has seen sales pick up on Pinyin names as well, with selling for $7,400 and selling for $1,482.  Numbers continue to be in demand, with recently selling for $9,000. As noted in our premium sales report for Q1, .CLUB sold more than $500,000 in premium names for the first quarter of the year, and we are on-track to exceed that number in Q2.

The eName auction has scattered ending dates, and the full schedule of names and end-dates is below. For interested buyers outside of China, the registry is offering a proxy bidding service.

eName Auction inventory and end dates: ALL TIMES BEIJING, CHINA TIME

eName Auction inventory and end dates: ALL TIMES BEIJING, CHINA TIME

Ending on June 10th –

45.CLUB 9:18 PM 9:21 PM 9:25 PM 9:32 PM 9:36 PM 9:53 PM
62.CLUB   9:55 PM  9:50 PM 9:20 PM

Ending on June 11th – 9:06 PM 9:23 PM 9:27 PM 9:34 PM 9:35 PM 9:37 PM 9:41 PM 9:58 PM
94.CLUB  9:15 PM
67.CLUB 9:00 PM
87.CLUB 9:22 PM

Ending on June 12th – 9:00 PM 9:22 PM 9:41 PM 9:51 PM 9:58 PM  9:32 PM 9:56 PM 9:21 PM  9:28 PM 9:34 PM

Ending on June 13th – 9:01 PM 9:04 PM 9:17 PM 9:37 PM 9:44 PM 9:53 PM 9:56 PM
25.CLUB  9:08 PM
47.CLUB  9:31PM
71.CLUB 9:16 PM
78.CLUB 9:23 PM

Ending on June 14th – 9:07 PM 9:13 PM 9:25 PM 9:51 PM 9:53 PM
19.CLUB 9:33 PM
56.CLUB  9:56 PM
83.CLUB 9:23 PM
17.CLUB 9:03 PM
73.CLUB  9:31 PM
52.CLUB 9:49 PM

Ending on June 15th – 9:50 PM
91.CLUB  9:20 PM
13.CLUB 9:15 PM
86.CLUB  9:05 PM  9:54 PM
8.CLUB 9:33 PM
55.CLUB 9:28 PM  9:36 PM 9:15 PM   9:16 PM

Please visit for any updates and to monitor and bid on the auction.