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.CLUB Claims First Of New gTLDs To Reach 100,000 Domains Sold

.CLUB announced last Friday they are the first of the new gTLDs to reach 100,000 domain names sold – and in just over 100 days. It appears there are around 200 to 400 .club domains continuing to be registered every day.While the gTLD is third on the list for most domain names registered, according to, the two above, .xyz and .berlin, have ran promotional campaigns where domains have been reportedly given away. In the case of .xyz, it appears this could be as many as four in five (81.1%) of the gTLDs registered, as this is the market share of Network Solutions for .club domains, and NetSol have been giving away the equivalent .xyz domains to existing .com registrants, unless they actively opt out of the promotion. For .berlin, a promotion that saw at least one registrar giving away domains that led to around 90,000 domains being registered during a promotion.The registry is claiming .club is continuing its streak as the best-selling new domain extension. Entrepreneurs, brand owners, popular entertainers, corporations, domain investors and more from around the world have registered their own .CLUB websites, including entertainer 50 Cent’s 50InDa.Club, singer Demi Lovato’s, fitness expert Tiffany Rothe’s and many established Rotary, golf, country, yacht, auto, and sports clubs. According to data compiled by, there are already over 150 .CLUB websites in the Alexa top 1 million websites by traffic, more than any other new top level domain name.In just over 100 days since its launch, .CLUB websites have continued to grow in popularity, with some very interesting names and website concepts. TheDudes.Club has launched as the “go-to place for all the things men find interesting;” will soon launch as a gourmet coffee service;, the Rowell Georgia Rotary chapter now forwards its old .com address to the new .club address; and many clubs, bloggers and businesses are registering from around the world every day.”We’ve seen an increase in not only entirely new businesses springing up specifically around the .CLUB domain, such as, but also from companies that are creating micro sites within their larger sites as a private, members-only address that offers additional benefits and privileges for `club’ insiders,” said Colin Campbell, president and CEO of .CLUB Domains. “We believe we have sold more than any other new domain because the word CLUB is so meaningful, and has recognition all over the world. It is easy to remember and allows for a great, catchy domain name.Many premium .CLUB domains have also been sold to corporations and investors, including selling for $20,000; and each selling for $5,000; selling for $7,500; Mary Kay’s purchasing and; and many more. “But there are still many, many great .CLUB names still available for under $15 a year,” added Campbell.