CitizenHawk TypoAlert: Cybersquatting Plagues Online Kids’ Sites

CitizenHawk is encouraging top children’s brand holders to take a more active role in policing their brands against cybersquatting. As a reminder of the urgency of the problem, the company today issued a TypoAlert revealing thousands of instances of cybersquatting on ten of the top learning and entertainment web sites for young children. The following is a list of top online kids’ sites and an estimate of the number of potentially trademark-infringing domains on each brand:Bank Domains
Cartoon Network 537
ClubPenguin 628
Disney 247
DiscoveryKids 225
FunBrain 398
Nickelodeon 318
NickJr 199
PBSKids 349
Seasame Street 246
Webkinz 255″Cybersquatting on kids’ sites is a particularly insidious and dangerous practice, because cybersquatters are not only stealing traffic from legitimate brand holders, but are also in a position to expose children to inappropriate or harmful content,” said Graham MacRobie, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of CitizenHawk. “We encourage brand holders in this market to immediately address misuse of their trademarks online, to help ensure safety of kids online and to maintain the integrity of their brands.”

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