CitizenHawk Tool Automates UDRP Filings

CitizenHawk has announced the launch of a cloud-based software tool that automates the process of filing a UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy) – thus enabling companies to recover domains from typosquatters and other domain infringers at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

The tool is called HawkUDRP and collects relevant evidence, generates the necessary UDRP documentation and completes the entire process quickly and cost effectively. HawkUDRP can generate filing packages compliant with National Arbitration Forum (NAF), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) procedures. Moreover, the new tool boasts the ability to “clump” multiple offending sites sharing common (though often hidden) ownership, enabling brands to recover numerous domains in a single filing.

“The practice, which is growing an estimated 30 percent a year, is costing brands hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Companies can now fight back without having to engage higher priced legal counsel.”

CitizenHawk has been extraordinarily effective in UDRP proceedings, winning more than 99 percent of cases filed, and HawkUDRP gives users access to the same automated processes and technology that CitizenHawk itself uses to pursue infringing domains. The company is offering HawkUDRP as a complementary product to its core HawkDiscovery online brand protection platform. Like CitizenHawk’s other brand protection tools, HawkUDRP is seamlessly integrated into HawkDiscovery’s workflow and case management system, which tracks and records every action and permits sharing with as many authorized individuals as desired.