CIRA watchers hope for ‘slash and burn’ visionary

With the impending stepping down of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority founder and CEO, Bernard Turcotte, imminent, IT World Canada looks at a few views of what people involved in domain names think would be the desirable qualities of his successor.While happy with Turcotte’s job, Mark Jeftovic (a former board member and owner of a DNS hosting service) says as there are nearing one million .ca domain names, it’s time to reduce the red tape for registering a domain name. Jeftovic says “ca domain name activation requires a large 300-page legal agreement, whereas the States has a one-page terms-and-services that no-one reads anyway. To get anything done — even a simple e-mail change — requires a level of bureaucracy and complexity.”Jeftovic also says there are too many lawyers involved and that things were often set up to cover your ass.Another, Michael Torner, owner of a webhosting company says that while there are a lot of requirements for new registrars, and these help protect registrants, the current CIRA regulations “may go a little overboard.”The article goes on to say, “To rectify these issues, Jeftovic suggests that CIRA would be best suited to a ‘slash-and-burn visionary who will come in and just retool everything.’ What the candidate really needs to focus on is ease of use, according to Jeftovic, who said, ‘What I really worry about is usability, more than anything else.’ Torner agrees with this.The full IT World Canada article is available here –

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