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CIRA Warns Of Online Scam For Fake Domain Renewal Notices

CIRA dotCA logo[news release] The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has received reports of an online scam, wherein “” is sending out fake email renewal notices to .CA Registrants.

“” is not a CIRA Certified Registrar and is fraudulently posing as the Registrant’s Registrar in an attempt to obtain payment from the Registrant. The email identifies the recipient’s domain name and that it is about to expire. The recipient is then directed to renew the domain by clicking on a link that leads to a “” PayPal payment page.
CIRA has worked with the offending website’s hosting company, who took the site down. Anyone believing they have been a victim of this scam is encouraged to contact Paypal directly to dispute the transaction as quickly as possible.

All .CA Registrants should ignore these emails and not provide payment. If you have concerns about your domain name expiry date, contact your CIRA Certified Registrar directly.

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