CIRA Redesigns .CA Registry System for Improved Customer Experience

CIRA logo[news release] On October 12, 2010, it will become easier for Canadians to register and maintain their .CA domain names. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is redesigning its domain name registration system, the system that enables Registrars – the companies that register domain names – to communicate with the .CA registry database.  This will effectively update and simplify every aspect of the registry from its technological processes to its policies and business practices.

In the largest single project undertaken in its history, CIRA will be replacing its current registry system with the industry standard EPP-based system. The rewrite is the result of nearly two years work and has involved almost all of CIRA’s employees.

“For 10 years, Canadians have come to rely on the .CA domain for its usability and reliability. As we approach 1.5 million .CA domain names registered, we knew it was imperative to investment in our systems, people, processes, and technical infrastructure,” said Byron Holland, CIRA’s President and CEO. “The new EPP-based system is really the de facto industry standard – its quality is known – and will allow us to maintain the safety and security of the system. We are also able to simplify many of the processes Canadians have to go through to register and maintain their .CA domain names.”

With the new system and policies, CIRA is effectively able to remove itself from many day-to-day transactions. Most transactions will be handled solely by CIRA certified Registrars. To ensure Registrants, the people and organizations who hold .CA domain names, continue to receive a high level of customer service, CIRA has introduced a mandatory technical and policy accreditation process for Registrars.

“We’ve heard from Canadians that some of our processes are complicated as compared to other registries and we’ve listened. We’ve streamlined our most common transactions, greatly enhancing the experience customers will have starting October 12,” said Holland. “We’re also beefing up support to our partners, the companies that service .CA customers on a regular basis. That way, the entire process of getting and maintaining a .CA domain name will be among the most efficient in the world.”

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