CIRA Launches Search for New CEO

CIRA logoThe Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has announced that founding CEO Bernard Turcotte will leave CIRA later this year and that CIRA is launching a nation-wide search for the best candidate to succeed him.

CIRA’s news release goes on to say:
“We wish to thank Bernard for his tremendous contribution to CIRA’s growth and development since 2001”, said Debi Rosati, Chair of CIRA’s Board of Directors. “He has served the Canadian Internet community and overseen the development of our organization from its beginnings into one of the world’s best-run ccTLDs, with over 850,000 dot-ca domain name registrations, supported by a great team of dedicated professionals.”

“CIRA has been a tremendous experience for me and it has been a pleasure to work with the exceptional team which has come together over the last few years,” said Mr. Turcotte, whose experience also includes ground-breaking contributions at CANARIE, CRIM, RISQ and CDNCC, all key players in Canada’s successful Internet adoption. “There comes a time when it is right to move on to the next great challenge. It has been truly rewarding to participate first-hand, and to witness the impact CIRA has made nationally and internationally to ensure that all Canadians have and continue to benefit fully from dot-ca Internet domain name registrations.”

“All of us who use the Canadian Internet every day owe Bernard a debt of gratitude,” said Ms. Rosati.

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