Ireland Becomes A Little Bit Canadian As CIRA Takes On .IE’s Registry Backend

Ireland’s ccTLD became a little bit Canadian this week as the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) now provides backend registry services to .IE, the manager of… .ie… through its CIRA Registry Platform.

The transition to the CIRA Registry Platform was completed earlier this week after months of remote collaboration, made necessary by the global pandemic, between the CIRA and .IE teams to migrate more than 300,000 .IE domain names.

A key element of the project involved customising the deployment to meet the specific business and technical needs of .IE including registrant contact validation, configurable GDPR anonymisation, credit card payments and advanced reporting.

In addition to powering the .IE domain registry, the CIRA Registry Platform also powers .CA, .SX, .MLS and .KIWI registries.

“If migrating .CA onto the CIRA Registry Platform was our big debut, adding .IE to our growing list of international partners is ringing endorsement of both our technology and our service,” said Dave Chiswell, vice president, product development, CIRA. “Our team was able to adapt the platform to meet the specific requirements of .IE, and in doing so, demonstrated how we can assist other ccTLD and gTLD partners around the world to help them grow and expand their business.”

“.IE is delighted to have completed the transition to a new Registry Platform with the smooth migration of our .ie database,” said David Curtin, CEO at the newly rebranded .IE, formerly IE Domain Registry.

“The TITAN registry management system has been designed by the Canadian Internet Registry Authority, which customised its Fury Registry Platform to operate and implement the .ie managed registry policies effective in Ireland and to comply with EU data protection regulations (GDPR).”

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