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CIRA And DomainsBot Bring Advanced Domain Suggestion Technology To The Canadian Market

CIRA dotCA logo[news release] The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is pleased to partner with DomainsBot to bring domain name suggestion technology to Canadians seeking to register a .CA website.

Domain name suggestion technology is known in the industry as “name spinning”. It is a tool that helps people looking for a website address by suggesting alternative variations of a word or term that they enter. It can help them sort through similar sounding options and more importantly, provide alternatives when a domain name is already taken.

“With over two million .CA domain names already registered, common nouns, common phrases, and personal names may not be available to the interested Registrant.” said Dave Chiswell, Vice President of Product Development at CIRA, “by enabling DomainsBot’s industry-leading name spinning technology we’re helping Canadians quickly and easily find a good name for their business, non-profit, or personal websites. This benefits the person registering the website because a good .CA name has been shown time and again, to be a critical factor in online success.”

“CIRA’s role in the market is to enable our channel partners with this technology and we have created two options for them to implement a name spinning solution. For those Registrars who have already implemented DomainsBot technology, they will be able to simply flick a switch to include .CA results in their search queries. For Registrars who are new to name spinning, CIRA is providing the code and technical documentation to help them enable it on their websites. We expect uptake to be high because DomainsBot’s name spinning technology has been shown to increase sales of domain names so it benefits our channel partners as well as consumers,” Chiswell concluded.

“CIRA and .CA is a fabulous fit for DomainsBot technology and we are very excited about this partnership,” said Daniel Ruzzini Mejia of DomainsBot. “Our goal is to help registries and registrars enhance their domain sales and grow their customer base. We believe our technology will be a great benefit to CIRA in helping to translate the success of .CA, in Canada to the global market. The inclusion of CIRA’s data gives our Domain Suggestion Engine a rich data-set to work with so we may provide relevant options that will help Canadian businesses find the millions of great .CA domain that are still available.”

About CIRA
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is the organization that manages Canada’s .CA domain name registry, develops and implements policies that support Canada’s internet community and represents the .CA registry internationally.

About DomainsBot
DomainsBot is the domain industry’s leading provider of domain name and TLD suggestion technology. Working closely with registrars and registries since 2005, the DomainsBot Recommendation Engine powers domain name suggestion tools at the world’s leading registrars including GoDaddy, Tucows, eNom, MelbourneIt, and Directi. Annually, an estimated 1.5 million new domain names are registered as a result of DomainsBot suggestions. Offices are located in Los Angeles, Istanbul, and Rome.

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