CIRA Publicly Releases DNS Firewall To Protect Canadians From Ransomware and Malware

Canadian Internet Registration Authority CIRA logoThe Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the .ca registry, has publicly released its D-Zone DNS Firewall, a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that protects organisations from the growing threat of malware and ransomware.

CIRA’s DNS Firewall helps organisations block access to malicious content such as ransomware before it can reach their network. Ransomware targets an organisation’s network and locks files and network assets until a ransom is paid. Recently the WannaCry virus created global chaos, locking down patient records and business assets. Malware can infect a network with the intention to steal information, use an organisation’s computing resources for other malicious attacks, or other criminal activities.

“Cybersecurity is the business challenge of our time. CIRA is equipping Canadian companies and organisations with new solutions to protect their networks from the threat of ransomware, malware, and other online malicious content,” said David Chiswell, vice president of product development at CIRA. “CIRA has partnered with the world leader in DNS Firewall technology to build a made-in-Canada cloud-based solution that is accessible to organisations of any size.”

Malware is prevented from using its command and control servers for execution leveraging the most expansive set of global threat reporting available. Combined, this helps limit a hacker’s ability to take control of network resources. Protection is extended to any device using a corporate network.

As a cloud service that works beyond the organisational network, CIRA’s solution can be easily added to existing security frameworks as part of a defence-in-depth strategy. CIRA’s service features advanced dynamic content blocking for better management of network traffic and leverages feeds of known malware and ransomware that are updated instantly based on an analysis of billions of global DNS queries per day.

The service operates in Canadian Internet exchange points and functions as a high-performance, policy-enabled recursive DNS service to ensure that organisations using the DNS Firewall maintain or even improve user experience through faster web and application access.

CIRA’s D-Zone DNS Firewall was created in partnership with Nominum, a world leader in cybersecurity technology and threat detection used by the world’s largest ISPs.

“Given the high-stakes risk we’re facing from emerging online threats, adding a scalable new defence from a DNS firewall was an easy decision for us,” said Peter MacNeil, Information Technology with the City of Hamilton. “We needed a solution that keeps us one step ahead of online criminals and CIRA’s offering combines their leadership in DNS, with world-class threat intelligence, into a flexible and affordable cloud-based solution.”