CIRA Asks Canada’s Political Parties To Adopt Its Vision For The Internet’s Future

Canada’s upcoming federal election takes place on 21 October and the country’s ccTLD manager has put forward its vision for the future of the country’s internet, asking political parties to get on board.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) put forward its vision for the future of Canada’s internet which has three core principles it believes candidates and federal parties should embrace to ensure that Canada’s internet thrives for decades to come.

According to CIRA’s vision, the future of Canada’s internet must be:

  • Open: The internet must be democratic, innovative and competitive allowing Canadian businesses, ideas and individuals to thrive.
  • Trusted: We must reestablish trust in the internet by ensuring it is private, safe and secure so it can continue to serve as a platform for our economy and society.
  • People-centered: At its core, the internet must be a network of people. It must embrace transparency, accessibility and education in order to ensure every Canadian can participate meaningfully.

“We believe strongly that the future of the internet and the future of Canada are inextricably linked,” said Byron Holland, president & CEO, CIRA. “We believe that the internet is an overwhelming force for good in the world, and with the right vision, Canada can become a global leader in its resurgence. We invite all parties and candidates to embrace our principles and help build an open, trusted, and people-centered internet for Canada.”

To read the entire document, see:

CIRA’s Vision for the Future of Canada’s Internet has been endorsed by the following organisations:

  • Internet Society
  • Internet Society Canada Chapter
  • TekSavvy
  • Cybera
  • Digital Justice Lab
  • OpenMedia
  • Beauceron Security
  • Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (UNB)
  • Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC)
  • Youth IGF Canada
  • Canadian Civil Liberties Association
  • BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association

CIRA is calling on governments at all levels, political parties of any affiliation, and leaders of all stripes to embrace an open, trusted and people-centred internet as the key to Canada’s future health, prosperity and democracy.

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