.CH/.LI Warns of Bogus Domain Registration Offers

SWITCH logoThe registry for .CH (Switzerland) and .LI (Lichtenstein), SWITCH, is warning of bogus offers to register domain names at vastly inflated prices.

SWITCH is advising that anyone receiving an offer by phone or email regarding the registration of .CH and .LI domain names should be careful. The scam involves a company being contacted and offered domain names that may be related to their existing domain names.

SWITCH give the example of a customer that has already registered the company.ch domain name. Someone then contacts that customer, misrepresenting the facts and offering to register similar names, such as company-ltd.ch, for them, saying that they must register the name(s) immediately. The customer is put under pressure and has to take a swift decision.

SWITCH regards aggressive methods such as these as unfair advertising. Anyone who feels that they have been a victim of unfair advertising can lodge a complaint with the Swiss advertising standards committee (Lauterkeitskommission) at www.lauterkeit.ch.

Europe Registry logoTo register a .CH or .LI domain name, check out Europe Registry here.