Chinese Official Accuses Nations of Hacking

A senior Chinese official has accused foreign intelligence agencies of causing “massive and shocking” damage to China by hacking into computers to ferret out political, military and scientific secrets.The charge was made by Vice Information Industry Minister Lou Qinjian in a Communist Party magazine and appeared designed as a response to recent reports that Chinese hackers had infiltrated high-security computers at the Pentagon, the British Foreign Office and the German chancellor’s headquarters, among other targets. see:

China: Net spy damage has been ‘massive’ [Reuters]

A senior Chinese official says his country has suffered “massive” losses of state secrets through the Internet.

Vice Minister of Information Industry Lou Qinjian said his country has been the target of a campaign of computer infiltration and subversion, and he proposed a raft of counter-measures including toughened censorship, new security bodies and commercial controls.

France blames China for hack attacks

Three more western nations have blamed China for an upsurge in hacking attacks against government computers.Germany, the USA and the UK have all become the subject of targeted attacks originating from China, with many observers pointing the finger of blame towards China’s Peoples Liberation Army (PLA). France, Australia and New Zealand joined the growing list this week.

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