Chinese net addict son ‘beaten to death’ at camp

[AFP] A teenager was reportedly beaten to death by trainers at a rehabilitation camp in China where his parents had sent him to cure his internet addiction.The three supervisors who allegedly beat Deng Senshan, 16, were arrested after the boy’s death early on Sunday, his father Deng Fei told the Global Times. see:Chinese teenager beaten to death in internet addiction clinic
His parents hoped their teenage son would be home in a month, cured of his addiction to the Internet. They never thought that within 10 hours of taking him to an addiction climic they would receive a telephone call notifying them that the 16-year-old was dead.Deng Senshan was addicted to playing on the Internet – just like tens of millions of other young Chinese. He was just the latest teenager to be sent by his parents to one of the clinics now proliferating across China to cure youngsters of their obsession with online gaming. ‘Internet Addiction’ Turns Deadly
So-called “Internet addiction” among Chinese youths has led to a proliferation of clinics around the country that claim to be able to treat the recently defined disorder.On Monday, police in the south China city of Nanning said that a 16-year-old boy died in at a boot camp for Internet addicts after being beaten by supervisors, according to the Global Times, in what would be the first reported case of a death at a treatment facility for Internet addiction.

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