Chinese hackers attack UK govt; Pentagon

Alleged Chinese hackers attacks on, among others, British government facilities and the Pentagon have been in the news this week. These attacks follow on from numerous others this year, the most controversial of which was the DNS attacks on Estonia, and also Chinese hackers breaking into IT systems in the German Chancellery using Trojans.

The Independent says, the Chinese “methods may be hi-tech but the strategy is ancient – Trojan Horse software developed by the PLA’s computer whizzes, disguised as PowerPoint or Word programmes, which find their way into computer systems in the corridors of power of London, into the Foreign Ministry and other government departments, even into the House of Commons. They redirect the programmes via South Korean networks or Taiwanese servers to disguise where they came from.” Further, “One internet commentator points out how the US controls the domain name system, and could do a lot of damage to China by simply removing the “cn” domain.”

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