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Chinese Demand Sees Over 1 Million New gTLD Domains Registered In 4 Days With Total Registrations Almost 14 Million

There was a huge growth in the registrations of domain names in new gTLDs largely driven by registrations in China that saw 1.2 million domains registered in just four days, from 14 to 18 February according to figures compiled by nTLDstats.com. The massive growth took total registrations to 13.898 million as of 19 February.The growth was most noticeable in the .top gTLD with 410,415 registrations in just two days – 15 and 16 February. There were also another 202,395 registrations from 14 to 18 February as well as 103,211 .win registrations from 15 to 18 February.For .top, 83.69 percent of their registrations are accounted for by just five registrars, all of which are based in China while for .win the figure is even higher with 88.46 percent of all registrations coming again from just five Chinese based registrars.The largest of the new gTLDs by registration numbers continues to be .xyz with 2.530 million domains registered. Again the Chinese influence is huge, with Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology accounting for over two in five (43.87%) of all registrations whereas once Network Solutions with their controversial promotion accounted for over 80 percent of all .xyz registrations. Today that figure is less than one percent (0.87%).The total growth in new gTLD registrations has been quite phenomenal. The ten millionth new gTLD domain was registered on 17 November, the 11 millionth on 24 December, the 12 millionth on 4 February and 13 millionth on 16 February.