Chinese court rules against Microsoft in intellectual property case

A Chinese court has ruled that Microsoft infringed a Chinese software maker’s intellectual property rights in a surprise decision that has renewed worries among foreign patent experts about China’s management of IPR disputes.Microsoft’s use of two Chinese fonts developed by Zhongyi Electronic, a Beijing-based software company, was not covered by a licence agreement between the two, the Beijing No 1 Intermediary People’s Court said in a verdict, and therefore infringed Zhongyi’s intellectual property rights. see:China rules Microsoft violated intellectual property rights [IDG]
A Beijing court has ruled that Microsoft violated a Chinese company’s intellectual property rights in a case over fonts used in past Windows operating systems, state media said Tuesday.The Beijing Number One Intermediate People’s Court this week ordered Microsoft to stop selling versions of Windows that use the Chinese fonts, state broadcaster CCTV said. Microsoft plans to appeal the case, a company representative said in a statement.

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