Chinese Ask Kerry to Help Tear Down a Firewall

A group of Chinese bloggers asked the United States to take up the cause of Internet freedom in an unusual meeting on Saturday with Secretary of State John Kerry.One by one, the bloggers voiced concerns to Mr. Kerry, who arrived here on Friday to discuss regional issues with China’s leaders, that the ability of Chinese citizens to gain access to information was under siege and that the country’s prospects for becoming a democracy were uncertain at best. see:Chinese Bloggers Ask Kerry to Help Bring Down Internet Firewall
Chinese bloggers told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry the push for Internet freedom in China is going backward and that the U.S. should help the country’s people overcome restrictions on online communication.Kerry heard the comments at a meeting with four bloggers at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing today before ending his 1.5-day visit to China to head for Jakarta, the third and last stop on his trip to Asia this week. The secretary said arrests of reform advocates are counter to “all of our best interests.”

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