China’s media lashes out at Clinton’s internet demands

China’s media have reacted angrily to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s call for China to lift restrictions on the internet and investigate Google’s complaints of cyber-attacks.Several papers argue the issue has been politicized to enable Google to cover up its failure to dominate the Chinese search market.Others suggest that the move could strain ties between the two countries but one daily warns that “China is neither Hawaii nor Iraq” and will resist US attempts to “Westernise” it. see:China says it needs no Internet lessons from U.S.
China needs no lessons about its Internet from the United States, the head of an online media association said through official media on Saturday after the United States rapped Beijing over information freedom. Hits Back at U.S. on Net Freedom
The strained relationship between Beijing and Washington took another hit Friday as China accused the Obama administration of leveling “groundless charges” after allegations that Chinese hackers penetrated computer systems of dozens of U.S. companies, including Google Inc.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu insisted that the Internet was open in China and warned that the U.S. should “properly handle differences” over the issue or risk damaging bilateral relations. Google war: China calls US an ‘information imperialist’
China responded with a fierce broadside yesterday after Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, attacked its record on internet freedom. The country labelled Washington an “information imperialist” and said accusations that China was manipulating the internet for its own ends were false.Web giant Google’s threat to leave China over cyber attacks on rights activists and internet censorship, combined with Ms Clinton’s strong denunciation of censorship, have caused the Google affair to escalate into a major row between Washington and Beijing.

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