China’s Green Dam internet filter will go ahead; already installed on over 500,000 Chinese computers

China’s controversial plan to install Green Dam internet filtering software on all computers will go ahead despite being postponement, a government official told state media today.The official said it was only “a matter of time” until the software was installed.The remarks – if they fully reflect official policy – will anger internet users, who mounted a vociferous campaign against the policy this week and hoped they had secured a victory against government censorship. see:Censorship software already installed in over 500,000 Chinese computers
The controversial Chinese Green Dam computer program that censors the internet has already been installed on more than half-a-million computers.Several computer manufacturers have started shipping computers with Green Dam despite a last-minute decision by the Chinese government to delay its introduction.According to the Chinese government, Green Dam has been downloaded three million times since the end of March and has been installed on 518,000 computers. Almost 7,000 websites in China have also installed the software.

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