China’s Great Firewall: On, Off and On Again

Thought China is loosening its grip on information flow? Think again.For the last two months, many Internet users in China say they have been denied access to a dozen popular Web sites and bulletin boards as part of the government’s preparations for the upcoming 60th anniversary of the proclamation of People’s Republic on Oct. 1.”This year has been tighter than for many years,” said Jeremy Goldkorn, founder of, an English-language outlet that translates Chinese news.’s-great-firewall-on-off-and-on-again/Also see:China Web clampdown ahead of anniversary
The Chinese authorities tightened Internet censorship ahead of Thursday’s 60th anniversary of communist rule, according to reports.The Tor project–a network of virtual private tunnels that is often used for anonymous communication and web surfing–said in a blog post on Sunday that the Great Firewall of China, which is operated by the Ministry of Public Security, had been blocking Tor relays since 25 September. These relays are used by the web surfer’s Tor client in order to build a circuit of encrypted connections through relays on the network.,39044908,62058254,00.htm,1000000189,39783130,00.htm

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