China urges tough Internet laws targeting ‘overseas’ forces

[AFP] One of China’s top propaganda officials has urged lawmakers to push through tough legislation to stop “hostile forces” abroad using the Internet to achieve their aims, state press said Tuesday.China needed laws that would step up monitoring for “harmful information” and block “overseas hostile forces from infiltrating through the Internet,” Wang Chen, vice head of propaganda, told lawmakers last week. see:China signals secrets clampdowns
China has reinforced its determination to clamp down on the communication of information that it believes will damage the interests of the state or of Chinese businesses.In the aftermath of the conviction of Rio Tinto executives for stealing commercial secrets the government has published guidance on what constitutes a commercial secret and has said that it will pass a law requiring telecoms companies to act if state secrets pass through their networks. to pass ‘state secrets’ internet law
China is poised to pass a law requiring telecommunications and internet companies to report any revelation of state secrets.The move to make communications companies monitor and inform on clients’ activities comes as China continues tightening controls on the internet and telecommunications services. could force web users to disclose real names [AFP]
China could introduce a system requiring web users to provide their real names before posting comments online, state media reported Wednesday, as authorities move to tighten control over the Internet.Administrators of major websites in China, who are responsible for screening online postings, are already required to register their real names, the China Daily said. to crack down on online crime, overseas sources [Reuters]
China’s media regulator vowed a crackdown on online crimes and strengthened monitoring to prevent “overseas hostile forces from infiltrating through the internet,” Chinese state media said.Wang Chen, head of the Information Office of the State Council, said the country would intensify a crackdown on online crimes as part of an ongoing campaign that he said netted more than 5510 suspects last year.

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