China Tops US for Internet Population Lead

China has proclaimed itself the world’s largest Internet market, with 221 million Internet users, state media reported Thursday.The Ministry of Information Industry (MII) cited statistics from the China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC), a quasi-government organization that reports to the MII. China reached the magic mark at the end of February, English-language newspaper China Daily reported. In March, Beijing-based telecommunications consultancy and research firm BDA China reported that China had overtaken the U.S. in total Internet users. reports it’s tied US for most Internet users [AP]
By some measures, China has tied the United States as the online population leader with its government reporting that the number of Internet users there has soared to 221 million.The figure, reported today by the Xinhua News Agency, reflects China’s explosive growth in Internet use despite government efforts to block access to material considered subversive or pornographic. It was a 61 percent increase over the 137 million Internet users reported at the start of 2007.,1,1865051.story

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