China Rockets Past 13 Million Domain Name Registrations

The country code Top Level Domain .cn (China) has rocketed past the 13 millionth registration this month. At end October, there were 12915737 registrations and with an average of over 400,000 domain name registrations per month over the past year will have easily past the figure now.With well over 13 million registrations, .cn is by far the largest country code, with the former holder of the mantle of most ccTLD registrations until earlier this year, .de (Germany), having as of today (15 November) 12,379,346 domain names registered.In January 2008, .cn passed the ten millionth registration, in March the eleven millionth and the 12 millionth registration in June.Of the .cn domain names, around two-thirds (8,358,557 at the end of October) of the registrations are .cn names while around one quarter (3,514,912) are names.To check for the latest statistics on .cn registrations, go to

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