China plans to track mobile phone users, sparking human rights concerns

China said it may begin tracking cellphone users in Beijing through location technology it hopes will help city authorities better manage traffic. But the announcement also sparked fresh concerns that the government may be using mobile technology to surveil its residents.In an announcement, made through Beijing’s Municipal People’s Government Web site, the Chinese government said it would track 17 million cellphone users in Beijing through location technology to “publish real-time dynamic information to ease congestion and improve the efficiency of public travel.”To read this Washington Post report in full, see: see:China to fight traffic congestion by tracking mobiles
A Chinese government committee has announced plans to try to ease vehicle traffic congestion by monitoring the whereabouts and movement of millions of mobile phones.The announcement from the Beijing Science and Technology Commission talks about publishing real-time information based on cellular base station technology that can determine how far and in what direction the phones are travelling. The system can target specific congested areas and include public transit systems. Eventually, commuters will be able to get specific information about their routes that can be used to make more efficient travel plans.

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