China may require real name registration for internet access

China may require internet users to register with their real names when signing up to network providers, state media said on Tuesday, extending a policy already in force with microblogs in a bid to curb what officials call rumours and vulgarity.A law being discussed this week would mean people would have to present their government-issued identity cards when signing contracts for fixed line and mobile internet access, state-run newspapers said. see:China tightens internet controls
China has tightened its control of the internet, enshrining in law a requirement for internet companies and telecom operators to censor online content and report users to the authorities for publishing information deemed illegal.The step is set to increase the pressure on the mostly private companies that run China’s vibrant social media, and could send a chill through the country’s internet which has become the freest space for news and debate in a country with an otherwise tightly controlled media. approves tighter rules on internet access
China has tightened its rules on internet usage to enforce a previous requirement that users fully identify themselves to service providers.The move is part of a package of measures which state-run Xinhua news agency said would protect personal information.But critics believe the government is trying to limit freedom of speech.

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