China Looks Into The Case Of The Mobile Spam

Beijing vowed to quell mobile phone spam messages on Sunday after seven advertising companies including Nasdaq-traded Focus Media were discovered to have sent commercial messages to practically half of China’s population of cell phone users without their consent.The State Council, China’s cabinet, affirmed Sunday it is making a thorough investigation into the spammers, who were exposed by an investigative program on China Central Television earlier this month on the World Consumer Rights Day. Liu Yue, deputy head of the State Council Office for Rectifying Malpractice urged the parties concerned to intensify their “self-scrutiny to correct their wrongdoing, which is profit-seeking” that goes against the public good. investigates spam attack
China is investigating a spam attack after almost half of China’s mobile phone users received unwanted text messages from advertisers.Text messages were sent to more than 200 million mobile phone users through China Mobile and its smaller rival China Unicom.

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