China Heralds Bust of Major Hacker Ring

China heralded a major bust of computer hackers to underscore its pledge to help enhance global online security, with state media saying officials had shut what they called the country’s largest distributor of tools used in malicious Internet attacks.Three people were arrested on suspicion of making hacking tools available online, the state-run Xinhua news agency said on Monday. Their business, known as Black Hawk Safety Net, operated through the now-shuttered Web site and generated around $1 million in income from its over 12,000 subscribers, the report said. seeChina shuts down largest hacker training website [Reuters]
China has closed what it claims to be the largest hacker training website in the country and arrested three of its members, domestic media reported on Monday.The “Black Hawk Safety Net” website taught hacking techniques and provided malicious software downloads for its 12,000 members in exchange for a fee, the Wuhan Evening News newspaper reported this weekend, citing police in Huanggang, just east of Wuhan. shuts down training website for hackers
China has closed down what is believed to be the country’s biggest training website for hackers, state media has reported.They say the site, Black Hawk Safety Net, gave lessons in hacking and sold downloads of malicious software.The reports say three people suspected of running the site were arrested.

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