China denounces Google ‘US ties’

China’s state media has attacked Google for having what it said were “intricate ties” with the US government.Google provides US intelligence agencies with a record of its search engine results, the state-run news agency Xinhua said.It also accused Google of trying to change Chinese society by imposing American values on it.Google denied that it was influenced by the US government, a spokesperson for the company was quoted as saying by AP.”Google’s high-level officials have intricate ties with the US government. It is also an open secret that some security experts in the Pentagon are from Google”, reporters from Xinhua wrote in a commentary. see:Chinese media slam Google as ‘politicized’
Chinese state media criticized Google in an apparent coordinated effort Saturday as becoming a political tool–just days before the Web giant may announce its withdrawal from that country.The Web giant, which has been criticized by privacy and human rights advocates for censoring search results deemed objectionable by the Chinese government, recently announced that it intended to stop censoring search results and might stop doing business in the country entirely.

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