China Delays Software Internet Filter Green Dam [updated]

Facing strong resistance at home and abroad, China on Tuesday delayed enforcement of a new rule requiring manufacturers to install Internet filtering software on all new computers.The delay by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was announced through Xinhua, the official news agency, one day before the July 1 deadline for the software to be installed on all computers sold in China. see:China thinks twice – and its 300m internet users scent a rare victory
For the netizens of the world’s biggest online community, it was a rare victory. At the 11th hour, and with no proper explanation, the Chinese government, the most assiduous internet censor on the planet, engineered a sudden climbdown.Instead of proceeding with plans to transform its notorious Great Firewall internet censor with new tools known as Green Dam, the authorities desisted. A terse statement ran on the Xinhua news agency. “China will delay the mandatory installation of the ‘Green Dam-Youth Escort’ filtering software on new computers.”’s Internet backdown lauded by firms and activists
China’s ambitions to strengthen control of the Internet with filtering software became a show of the limits of its power on Wednesday, as activists and industry groups welcomed an abrupt delay of the contentious plan.The surprise climbdown was reported late on Tuesday by Xinhua news agency, which said the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology would “delay the mandatory installation of the controversial ‘Green Dam-Youth Escort’ filtering software on new computers. delays launch of internet filter Green Dam
In a last-minute climbdown, the Chinese government announced today that it will delay the launch of censorship software that was supposed to have been sold in every computer from tomorrow.The postponement comes after an unprecedented wave of online opposition, protests by foreign governments and calls by prominent bloggers for Chinese netizens to climb, attack and demonstrate against the “great firewall”. Delay Plan for Censor Software
China’s government delayed its controversial requirement that manufacturers include Web-filtering software in all new personal computers sold in the country — an 11th-hour move that shows the challenges Beijing faces in its wide-ranging efforts to rein in the Internet.The government’s apparent retreat, one day before the rule was to kick in, follows intense criticism of the software plan at home and abroad since it was first reported online June 7 by The Wall Street Journal. The official Xinhua news agency late Tuesday quoted a Ministry of Industry and Information Technology spokesman as saying that some PC makers had said they had too little time to prepare for the Wednesday deadline. “Based on this factual situation, postponing of pre-installation is allowed,” the spokesman said. puts web censorship plans on hold
China has agreed to delay implementation of its policy to have all new computers in the country equipped with a controversial internet filtering software, averting the threat that PC makers not complying by Tuesday would face fines.”Depending on the concrete situation, [they] can pre-install [the programme] later,” the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said in a statement issued through Xinhua, the official news agency, last night. delays internet filter plan
China is delaying a controversial plan requiring all new computers sold in the country to be equipped with an internet filtering software, state media says.The filter, called Green Dam Youth Escort, was to have been required from Wednesday, but the ministry of industry said computer makers needed more time. Delays Mandating Filtering Software [AP]
China postponed a plan to require personal computer makers to supply Internet-filtering software Tuesday, retreating in the face of protests by Washington and Chinese Web surfers just hours before it was due to take effect.The rule would have required manufacturers to include filtering software known as Green Dam with every computer produced for sale in China starting Wednesday.

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