China defends internet censorship

China has defended its right to censor the internet in a document laying out the government’s attitude towards the web.It says the country has the right to govern the internet according to its own rules inside its borders.The white paper also reveals just how fast the internet has developed in China in the 16 years since it was first connected.By the end of last year the country had 384m internet users. see:Freedom of expression on Internet guaranteed, says China [China Daily]
The government is striving to strike a balance between ensuring the free flow of online information and protecting national security and public interest, according to China’s first ever white paper on the Internet released on Tuesday.It “guarantees the citizens’ freedom of speech on the Internet as well as the public’s right to know, to participate, to be heard, and to oversee (the government) in accordance with the law”, the paper says.

In addition, the white paper proposes that the global community create an international body to regulate the Internet and its fundamental resources such as domain names and IP addresses, two key elements constituting the Internet. vows no let-up to state control of Internet
China will not ease state control over what can be said online and will brook no foreign criticism of its rules, according to a government white paper released on Tuesday after months of wrangling about freedoms for Web users.A very public spat with Internet giant Google Inc earlier this year led to the company shutting down its main Chinese search engine and added to tensions with Washington, already strained over U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and other issues.

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