China cracks down on ‘vulgar’ websites

Chinese officials yesterday launched a crackdown on “vulgar” websites including Google and the country’s leading search engine, Baidu.Officials named 19 sites they said had failed to censor inappropriate content despite warnings or that had not done so swiftly enough, “harming” young people’s physical and mental health. urges firms to ‘purify’ Web from porn
The Chinese government broadened its recent effort to limit pornography on the Internet by criticizing 19 Internet companies by name Monday, including Google and Baidu, the providers of the two most popular search engines in the country.A statement posted by early Monday afternoon on a government-run news site said the Ministry of Public Security and six other government agencies would work together “to purify the Internet’s cultural environment and protect the healthy development of minors.” to ‘clean up’ the internet
The Chinese authorities have launched a fresh campaign to get rid of unhealthy, vulgar and pornographic content on the internet.The authorities have also published the names of 19 websites that have failed to heed requests to get rid of unsuitable material.These include Google and China’s top internet search engine, Baidu.These websites could be closed down if they do not delete the offending material, according to one official. government to Web companies: No porn allowed
In what amounts to a thinly-veiled legal threat, the Chinese government has intensified its campaign against sexually-explicit Internet material by instructing companies including Google to curb the availability of pornography.Monday’s announcement from a collection of seven government agencies singles out 19 sites as unlawfully providing access to “vulgar content.” On the list: Google’s Web search and image search, and the company’s blogging site, and (Google has denied any wrongdoing.) targets Google, Baidu in latest ‘Net filth crackdown
China’s state agencies are porn-hunting again, but this time their targets also include search engines like Google and Baidu. Launches Campaign Against Vulgar Websites
Seven Chinese government departments held a teleconference in Beijing today and announced that they would start a nationwide campaign to fight websites that spread pornography and vulgarity on the Chinese Internet.

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