China censors block President’s son from internet search results

China’s censors have added a new word to the list of those banned on domestic search engines: the name of the son of President Hu Jintao.The latest brick to be added to the Great Firewall of China was added this week when it became clear that the technology channels of leading Web portals, Sina and Netease, could not be opened for several hours after they posted news about a company linked to Hu Haifeng, 38. see:China news blackout on graft case linked to Hu’s son [AFP]
China’s Internet censors blocked news Thursday about a graft probe in Namibia involving a firm linked to the son of President Hu Jintao, as the state-run media ignored the sensitive issue.Two Namibians and a Chinese national were arrested last week in Namibia as part of a probe into bribery allegations involving Nuctech, a company headed until last year by Hu’s 38-year-old son, Hu Haifeng.

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