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China Boosts The .CN domain names

“China” will formally enter the global Internet in 2009. The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) officially launched “China’s domain name global escalation action” on July 16, according to

The main contents of this action are from the day domain name “.China” enters the global root domain name system and all those registered users of “.CN” will automatically receive a corresponding “.China” domain name. Users need not register. Also at this time, all “.China” domain names will automatically synchronize with the “Chinese domain name” global registered root domain name system and can be visited anywhere in the world.

Opinion :

It seems China have already put through a regulatory system which will organise the .CHINA domain extension. China have already taken dominance over germany with the .DE extension becoming second to the .CN. So the question we must ask ourselves will the .CHINA be more popular than say the .GERMANY ?.

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