China Blocks YouTube, Restores Flickr and Blogspot

China’s Web viewers can no longer access YouTube, but and Flickr photos are now available.China watchers, get your scorecards out: Google Inc.’s YouTube is blocked, Wikipedia is still blocked, but, for the moment, Google blog site is available and some pictures from Yahoo Inc.’s Flickr photos can once again be viewed.China-based users accessing YouTube since Wednesday afternoon began receiving the dreaded “The server at is taking too long to respond,” the typical response when a user attempts to view a site that has been blocked.,138599-c,sites/article.htmlAlso see:cn: YouTube inaccessible and Google partially blocked
Reporters Without Borders today accused the Chinese government of blocking access to part of the Internet during the Communist Party’s 17th congress, which began on 15 October. Google’s blog search engine ( and the video-sharing website YouTube have been inaccessible since 17 October.

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