China blocks YouTube over Tibet protest videos

[AP] Internet users in China were blocked from seeing on Sunday after dozens of videos about protests in Tibet appeared on the popular U.S. video Web site.The blocking added to the communist government’s efforts to control what the public saw and heard about protests that erupted Friday in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, against Chinese rule.Access to, usually readily available in China, was blocked after videos appeared on the site Saturday showing foreign news reports about the Lhasa demonstrations, montages of photos, and scenes from Tibet-related protests abroad. seethe on Web over rare riots in Tibet [Reuters]
China’s carefully controlled media may have remained largely silent on the unrest in Tibet, but a look at Chinese blogs reveals a vitriolic outpouring of anger and nationalism directed against Tibetans and the West.which routinely censors its news to avoid stoking popular sentiment — has less of a stranglehold over what is posted online, and over 200 million enthusiastic Internet users. blocks YouTube, Yahoo! over Tibet
China has closed down access to several of the world’s most popular websites in an apparent attempt to censor international coverage of the violence that is unfolding in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital.YouTube, the video-sharing website which has become a home to amateur footage of news events, has been blocked to Chinese users since Saturday, and there are also reports that the news pages of Yahoo!, the internet portal, have been made inaccessible. News, YouTube blocked in China amid Tibet riots [IDG]
The Chinese government appears to have taken a page out of Myanmar’s playbook by blocking some Internet access amid rioting in Tibet in which as many as 80 people have already killed, according to the Tibetan government in exile.China has blocked access to Google News and YouTube in an apparent attempt to stop the spread of video footage related to the rioting in several cities in Tibet, including the capital Lhasa. Demonstrations in the city started on March 10, a day commemorating the anniversary of a 1959 uprising against Chinese rule after which the spiritual leader of the country, the Dalai Lama, fled to India.;814391593;fp;2;fpid;1China Blacks Out YouTube After Tibetan Riot Videos Appear
As Tibetans — led by Buddhist monks — rioted in the capital city of Lhasa, burning Chinese-owned businesses and attacking Chinese, Beijing clamped down on YouTube and other media outlets depicting the violence. The trouble began a week ago, when Buddhist monks demonstrated peacefully March 10 on the anniversary of a failed uprising against Chinese rule in 1959.

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