China and Google: A detailed look

After weeks of frustration from Gmail users within China, Google has finally come out to accuse the Chinese government of being behind the interference that has prevented users from accessing the site.This comes after a statement from Google on March 11th that it had “noticed some highly targeted and apparently politically motivated attacks against our users. We believe activists may have been a specific target”.The focus of this piece will be on this March 11th announcement, which has been overlooked or given briefer mention in articles. This is because much of the focus has looked at the general step-up of Internet censorship in China. The point of this exercise is to, with one example, give you a more detailed look at how creepy all of this stuff going on is.While Google has not mentioned from which country these targeted activists were from, and did not answer Al Jazeera’s query when we contacted them for more information, we have learned that at least some of the targets were in China, and that some of the perpetrators are also based in China.

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