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Check If Your .BE Domain Name Has Variants

DNS.be logo[news release] From 22 January DNS Belgium enables a .be registrant to request a list of domain names that have similarities with your domain name. You can also view the details of the registrant of this domain names.

It is easy enough: you just fill in your .be domain name in the WHOIS box on this website. At the bottom of the page with the WHOIS results you can request a list of the variants of this particular name. DNS Belgium then sends an e-mail to the e-mail address held in our registration system. This e-mail contains a list of variants of your domain name and also provides the link to the WHOIS results for these .be domain names.

This enables you to easily check which .be domain names have been registered that have similarities with your domain name. If the list contains a domain name that has been registered by a third party and you believe you have a right to it, you can always contact the current registrant.

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