Chat rooms, IM riskier than social networking sites for kids

Perceptions of MySpace, Facebook may be misplaced, survey findsParents who are concerned about their children being exposed to sexual predators and harassment on the Internet need to stop thinking of social networking sites, such as and Facebook, as the biggest threats.Rather, it is in chat rooms and on instant messaging sessions that children are more likely to become victim of predators and unwanted sexual solicitation in general. That’s the finding of a study conduced by child health researchers at Internet Solutions for Kids Inc., a Santa Ana, Calif.-based nonprofit group and the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire. safer in ‘networks’ than chat rooms [AAP]
Social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook are safer places for children to chat than other types of internet sites, according to a new survey.The survey, which involved 1,588 children between the ages of 10 and 15 years old, found 28 per cent had been harassed via a social networking site, compared to 33 per cent for the internet as a whole.

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